Men of the Art at the service of boiler making and specialized piping.


The Optifluids company has been evolving since 2012 to be as close as possible to the interests of its customers, in a perpetual qualitative logic.

Born from the association of the know-how of its founders in Piping and Boilerwork, Optifluids manages its projects from design, through study, optimization and management to manufacture, assembly and maintenance.

Our various professional titles are commitments to respect for quality work and in the rules of the art: One of the Best Craftsmen of France, One of the Best Apprentices of France, Master Craftsman.

Optifluids proves on a daily basis its ability to carry out large-scale projects through the recruitment of highly qualified workers. Optifluids is now rich in references in New Caledonia and in the Pacific and strives to achieve a level of quality of excellence in its fields of expertise.

Convinced that the transmission of know-how remains a pillar for future professional generations, Optifluids emphasizes making known and training young Caledonians through apprenticeship.

This approach is part of the continuity of the career of the managers of the company, through the companionship (Compagnons du Devoir du tour de France).

In 2020, Optifluids created a subsidiary based in Tahiti: OPTIFLUIDS POLYNESIE


Optifluids digitizes its procedures through its own custom-developed Android application (ATEX tablets, 3G connection).

OptiDoc is a documentation management tool associated with technical matters.

The solution was developed specifically for the needs of the company OPTIFLUIDS, and consists of:

  • A MASTER application on a PC
  • An ANDROID application installed on  tablets
  • A database and an FTP

Advantages :

– Daily generation of TAKE 5;

– Dematerialization of prevention plans and risk analyzes;

– Reading and annotations of plans;

– Generation of regulatory reports and minutes;

– Generations of DMOS for welding operations;

– etc. …


– Piping of all alloys and synthetic materials,
– Boilerwork,
– Metal structures,

Heat insulation, – Standardized implementation of welded assemblies (QMOS, DMOS, QS, Welding book, DESP file)
– Fine sheet metal work and engineering structures,

– Sourcing and supply

– HSE Strategies and Management

– QA / QC Strategies and Management »

Optifluids now offers innovative services that complement our activities for complete assistance to our customers and partners: see TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS section.


We offer innovative services that complement our activities to provide comprehensive assistance to our customers, such as:

– Network passivations via a 3000 liter passivation unit;

– Degreasing and checks via UV lamp;

– Visual checks via endoscopic camera;

– Material tracings and markings;

– Virtual assistance via connected glasses (saving time, performance, savings, warranty)

– Thickness measurements of metallic materials (with or without paint)

– Glazings conducted via cryonics (up to DN 200);

– Mouse for inerting chamber (gas saving);

– Loaded nozzles (up to DN 200)

– Paint thickness measurements; 


Optifluids is made up of highly qualified workers, and is keen to pass on its knowledge by training young workers and apprentices …




Optifluids has been ENVOL certified every year since 2015 . This voluntary corporate commitment to the environment ensures the continuous improvement of our environmental practices and strengthens our daily commitment.

Optifluids organizes the sorting of its waste in workshops and on construction sites. 100% of recoverable waste is recycled through a partnership with the company ECOTRANS (metal, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.).

 Optifluids has been evaluating its Bilan Carbone every year since 2015 and compensates for its equivalent in CO2 emissions with Caledonian environmental associations.




OPTIFLUIDS has obtained MASE-UIC certification for 3 years (2019-2022)

MASE is a certification of the management system of Health and Safety at work  : M anual of A melioration  S ecurity of  e NTERPRISES.

This system put in place by manufacturers at the service of manufacturers seeks to:
– improve safety through a management system adapted to the company.
– better organize, better communicate, by improving the conditions for employee intervention
– set up a common language in order to progress together.

True corporate commitment, Optifluids is the first Caledonian company to receive MASE / UIC certification  ( http://mase-asso.fr )

Through its international company network, figures from the MASE association show a  reduction of a factor of 2 to 3 in accidents , whether in frequency or severity, for certified companies.


Our welding work is governed by our QS, QMOS and DMOS. Our qualifications are certified by specialized inspection offices: Bureau Veritas, APAVE, Insitut de la Soudure.

Qualifications of our welders (QS):

– HLO 45 TIG and ARC Steel

– Steel structural licenses

– ATG Certified brazing license for gases

– Process licenses 135, Process licenses 141, Process licenses 111

– Marine license all positions process 111

– Titanium and Duplex license in progress


To improve the skills of its welders, Optifluids aspires to perfect practical training in accordance with regulations, through theoretical training on welding techniques and quality in general.

Qualifications of our welding procedures (QMOS):

– QMOS Steel pipe process 141

– QMOS Process steel pipe 135

– QMOS Stainless steel pipe process 141

– QMOS Titanium and Duplex in progress


Preparation of welding operating mode descriptions (DMOS) associated with each project

Realization of DOE, Welding notebook and DESP regulatory file.



Optifluids provides continuous training for its staff:


  • CACES R386, Machine operation and MEWP category 3A and 3B
  • Wearing a harness, working at height
  • Electrical authorizations (B0-H0V, B2V-BR-H0)
  • SST
  • Sling, load securing
  • Behavior around a helicopter and slinging practices
  • Firefighting, handling of extinguishers
  • Work in confined spaces
  • CO atmosphere (Carbon Monoxide)
  • ATEX 0
  • Erection, Verification and acceptance of fixed and rolling scaffolding (R408)
  • Surface preparation and anticorrosion treatment and paint touch-ups
  • Grating fixing by S-BT-GR M8 screwdriver, SFC22 screwdriver and DX460 HILTI powder nailer
  • Etc