“OPTIFLUIDS has been involved since December 2017 in a certification process for  its Health Safety Environment (HSE) management system  according to a standard recognized in the industry:  MASE    http://mase-asso.fr/ .  This repository is well established in Metropolitan France and overseas (around 5,000 companies).

MASE is a certification of the management system of Health and Safety at work  : M anual of A melioration  S ecurity of  e NTERPRISES.

OPTIFLUIDS has obtained MASE-UIC certification for 4 years (2019-2023)

This system put in place by manufacturers at the service of manufacturers seeks to:
– improve safety through a management system adapted to the company.
– better organize, better communicate, by improving the conditions for employee intervention
– set up a common language in order to progress together.

True corporate commitment, Optifluids is the first Caledonian company to receive MASE / UIC certification  ( http://mase-asso.fr )

Through its international company network, figures from the MASE association show a  reduction of a factor of 2 to 3 in accidents , whether in frequency or severity, for certified companies.